Albania Recruitment Solutions & Consulting was founded in 2016 inspired by the American model of temporary staffing.

We have been working in partnership and in cooperation with some of the most successful businesses in Albania offering professional recruitment services.

After having consolidated our presence in Albania we decided to “change our look” and embark on an ambitious journey of internationalization, leading us to expand overseas.

Ambitious and enterprising we came to realize that remaining in Albania would restrict our growth, and so we began to internationalize the business, expanding our services worldwide and establishing our new brand business office – “International Recruitment Agency”.

Today we are a stable, professional and reliable business for anyone aiming to achieve their growth objectives, operating in Albania, Europe, Middle East and Cruise Line Industry. And above all, we are a great partner to work with.

We enjoy taking on new goals and challenges, and for this reason, our expansion project is continually evolving both in Europe and Middle East and in developing countries as well.

Right from the beginning of our internationalization process, we have been committed to embracing the philosophy of “think globally, act locally”, responding to both local and international needs.

In fact thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the cultures and traditions of different countries, we are able to support our clients in identifying the leading talent and specialists in a given field.